Diversity in the Legal Profession

Joy Casey
Barrister and Solicitor
T. 416-368-3847

Yolanda Coly
Coly Advocacy LLC
T. 312-545-7327

The firms below are members of A Call to Action Canada and have been confirmed by ACTAC as being controlled by women or minorities (as broadly defined by ACTAC). Each firm has at least one member with five or more years in practice.

B.F. Lippett Professional Corporation
11-300 Earl Grey Drive, Suite 212
Ottawa, Ontario K2T 1C1
T 613-592-4410
F 888-774-4280
Website www.lippettlegal.com

Contact: Barbara Lippett
Direct: 613-592-4410
Email: barbara@lippettlegal.com
Practice: Corporate/Commercial, Intellectual Property, Health, Media and Communications

Joy Casey
330 Bay Street, Suite 1300
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2S8
T 416-368-3847
F 416-368-5655
Website http://www.acalltoactioncanada.com

Contact: Joy Casey
Direct: 416-368-3847
Email: jcasey@idirect.com
Practice: Commercial Litigation, Employment Law

Huq & Kuegle
346 Forman Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M4S 2S7
T 416-481-9101
F 416-481-7693

Contact: Nicky Huq
Direct: 416-481-9101 ext 31
Email: nhuq@snsca.com
Practice: Corporate/Commercial

Persaud Employment Law
181 University Avenue, Suite 2200
Toronto, Ontario M5H 3M7
T 416-642-2044
F 416-642-2045
Website: www.dnpemploymentlaw.ca

Contact: Dorian Persaud
Direct: 416-642-2044
Email: dorian@dnpemploymentlaw.ca
Practice: Employment Law, Human Rights, Workplace Investigations

Burchett Law
C L Burchett Professional Corporation
320 Harry Walker Parkway North, Unit 3
Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 7B4
T 905-898-3012
F 905-853-9894
Website http://www.burchettlaw.ca

Contact: Christine Burchett
Direct: 905-898-3012
Email: cburchett@burchettlaw.ca
Practice: Wills & Estates, Residential Real Estate, Commercial Contract Review & Negotiation

CSuite Law
First Canadian Place
100 King Street West, Suite 5700
Toronto, Ontario M5X 1C7
T 416-849-3851
F 416-849-3842
Website www.csuitelaw.com

Contact: Nadine Cotê
Direct: 416-849-3841
Email: ncote@csuitelaw.com
Practice: Executive Compensation, Employment Law, Human Rights

Carol Anne O’Brien
151 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
Toronto, Ontario M5C 2W7
T 416-640-7270
F 416-368-5655
Website: www.caobrienlaw.com

Contact: Carol Anne O’Brien
Direct: 416-640-7270
Email: caob@caobrienlaw.com
Practice:  Competition and Advertising, Media and Communications, Entertainment

Teigland-Hunt LLP
127 West 24th Street, 4th Floor
New York, NY U.S.A. 10011
T 212-269-1600
F 212-269-1580
Website: www.teiglandhunt.com

Contact: GuyLaine Charles
Direct: 212-269-1016
Email: gcharles@t-hllp.com
Practice: Derivatives, Corporate/Commercial, Regulatory

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