Diversity in the Legal Profession

Joy Casey
Barrister and Solicitor
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Yolanda Coly
Coly Advocacy LLC
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A Call to Action Canada (ACTAC)

A Call to Action Canada (ACTAC) encourages and supports in-house counsel and corporate leaders in taking a leadership role in advancing diversity and inclusion in the legal profession by:

  • insisting that their outside law firms demonstrate a true commitment to, and real progress in, the full participation and advancement of women and minority lawyers within law firms (“minority” is defined as broadly as possible, including visible minorities, Aboriginals, the disabled, members of the LGBT community, etc.);
  • looking for opportunities to direct work to firms which are controlled by, or have a substantial number of, partners who are women or minorities; and
  • limiting or terminating relationships with outside law firms which demonstrate a lack of interest in, and commitment to, being diverse and inclusive.

Corporate leaders and in-house counsel are asked to sign ACTAC’s mission statement, pledging their commitment to advocate for diversity personally and on behalf of their organizations.

Speaking + Conferences

A Call to Action Canada works on a collaborative basis with business professionals to customize programs with respect to content and duration to meet the needs and goals of our clients. We provide our clients with best practices and proven strategies with regard to diversity/inclusion initiatives based on combined experience of our experienced speakers in the legal profession and in corporations.

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Become a Corporate Signatory

As Corporate Legal Officers, we affirm our commitment to diversity in the legal profession. Signatories will honour the spirit and principle of the commitment set out in the Mission Statement by making diversity one of the factors considered when deciding on the law firms who will represent them.

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Become a Law Firm Member

Finding the right candidate, that would bring diversity and inclusion to your law firm can be challenging. Become “A Call To Action Canada” Law Firm Member today, giving your in-house counsel the opportunity to meet and greet with minority women in the legal profession, learn new methods, metrics and motivation to help your firm succeed.

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Your Leaders

Joy Casey

Barrister and Solicitor

Joy is a founder of A Call to Action Canada, an initiative to promote diversity and inclusion in the legal profession, and of the Canadian Women and Minority Owned Law Firm

Yolanda Coly

Co-Chair, Coly Advocacy LLC

A Call to Action Canada and Principal of Coly Advocacy LLC offering strategic solutions for diversity and inclusion in the legal space for corporate and governmental entities.

Joy Casey speaks about the A Call to Action Canada Symposium

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