Diversity in the Legal Profession

Joy Casey
Barrister and Solicitor
T. 416-368-3847

Yolanda Coly
Coly Advocacy LLC
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As Corporate Legal Officers, we affirm our commitment to diversity in the legal profession. Our action is based on the need to enhance opportunity in the legal profession for women and minorities and our recognition that the legal and business interests of our clients require legal representation that reflects the
diversity of our employees, customers and the communities where we do business. In furtherance of this commitment, this is intended to be a Call to Action for the profession generally, in particular for our law departments and for the law firms with which our companies do business.

In an effort to realize a truly diverse profession and to promote diversity in law firms, we commit to taking action consistent with the Call to Action. To that end, we pledge that we will make decisions regarding which law firms represent our companies based in significant part on the diversity performance of the firms.

We intend to look for enhanced opportunities for those firms which positively distinguish themselves in this area. We intend to look for opportunities to direct work to firms which are controlled by, or have a substantial number of, partners who are women or minorities. We further intend to end or limit our relationships with firms whose performance consistently evidences a lack of meaningful interest in being diverse.

Become a Corporate Legal Officer of “A Call To Action Canada” today.

There is no cost to become a signatory. There are no rules or regulations about how a signatory organization “complies”. We expect that signatories will honour the spirit and principle of the commitment set out in the Mission Statement by making diversity one of the factors considered when deciding on the law firms who will represent them. How each law department or company implements its own programs, policies and practices is up to that organization.

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